Rachael Okonkwo biography, real age, family, professional career, awards and net worth


Rachael Okonkwo biography:

Rachael Okonkwo popularly known as “Nkoli Nwa Nsukka” whose full name is Nnenna Rachael Okonkwo, is a Nigerian actress, model, dancer and philanthropist. She was born on 26th May, 1987, in Ukpata, Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State. Rachael lived for decades in Nsukka and completed her basic education in the area.

She holds a bachelors degree in mass communication from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Prior to becoming famous in Nollywood, Rachael started acting when she was a kid as acting was her foremost passion.

Rachael Okonkwo joined Nollywood in 2005 and appeared in several movies. Due to lack of film roles, she switched to dancing for gospel musicians. Meanwhile, Rachael returned to acting in the Nollywood movie industry in 2007. She is a registered member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Enugu chapter.

She became popular after putting up a memorable and fascinating performance in the film titled “Nkoli Nwa Nsukka”, comprising of so many seasons which went viral. The movie was so infectious, which prompted her being fondly known by that same name Nkoli Nwa Nsukka as she answered in the movie, making her one of the actresses that lost their name to their screen names. She is currently single and the brand ambassador of Stanel Bread.

Rachael Okonkwo biography; Education

Rachael Okonkwo had her basic Education all in Nsukka, Enugu State and holds a bachelors degree in mass communication from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State.

Rachael Okonkwo biography; Real age: 33 years

Rachael Okonkwo was born on 26th May, 1987 which amount to 33 years old.

Rachael Okonkwo biography; Family

Rachael Okonkwo lost her father at a tender age of 13, which she disclosed stating she had always been with her mum after her dad died. She further disclosed that she had hawed groundnuts as a child and had to do some other menial jobs to supplement her family’s income.

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There is little or nothing known about Rachael Okonkwo having siblings or not, people might think she is the only child but nothing like that has been confirmed and its assumed the actress and her family members have chosen to keep their existence away from public.

Rachael personal life:

Rachael Okonkwo is currently single. There were rumours of her being in a romantic relationship with Ken Erics which must have been as a result of both of them always seen together on and off movie sets. It was on 28th December, 2017 that Ken Erics got married to one Onyi Adada, an event that took place in Enugu which would have ended the rumour but the rumour continued.

Coincidentally, Ken Erics marriage crashed after his wife posted on social media that he had abandoned their marital home for unknown reasons. This led to many pointing accusing finger to Rachael Okonkwo that she was the cause of the break up which she denied.

However, Rachael Okonkwo and Ken Erics are in a long-term professional relationship and are good friends nothing more than that as being professed by the actress.

Rachael Okonkwo professional career:

Rachael Okonkwo returned to the Nollywood industry after featuring as dancer in some gospel music videos. On insistence of her dream pursuance, she settled for some very minor roles that were just a bit more than cameos. Later on, she started to appear in supporting roles with well known actresses and actors in 2008, after understanding that the way to grow was from the ground up.

Nkoli as she is popularly known, made great impact in one of her most notable appearances in the year 2008 when she acted in the sequel movie titled, Royal War 2, playing a minor role in the movie that was dominated by big stars like Van Vicker and Ini Edo.

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Relatively, in 2010 being two years later, Rachael Okonkwo was cast in another notable movie appearing on the set of Open and Close 1 & 2, though she was still at the background as Patience Ozokwor and John Okafor took lead characters.

Rachael Okonkwo rose to stardom after starring in the blockbuster movie “Nkoli Nwa Nsukka” comprising of so many seasons where she exhibited an exceptional performance. This was in 2014, four years after her last significant role in Open and Close 1 & 2.

However, she pulled the string with this movie being the movie she played her first lead role.  She played a nutty and ridiculous girl from Nsukka in Enugu State. Rachael Okonkwo penetrated into hearts of viewers as they could easily connect with the story prompting her being widely known and referred to as Nkoli Nwa Nsukka.

The unique way she put up a brilliant display of acting ability showcasing her talent well enough was the main aspect that gave the movie greater accolade and not just the story line. It was directed by Mac-Collins Chidebe.

Rachael from then became an important figure in the industry and featured in so many movies so exceptionally fitting into different roles as being given to her by directors. Below are some of the movies she has featured in:

  • Nkoli Nwa Nsukka
  • Justify My Love
  • Ijele the princess of fire
  • Please leave my husband
  • Left Over
  • Vale of Tears
  • Justify My Love
  • Zee World Madness
  • Onwa Na South
  • Eno my calabar love
  • Local Prostitute
  • Bloody War
  • Royal War 2
  • Open & Close etc


Apart from acting, Rachael Okonkwo is also into real estate business which she disclosed in an interview.

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Philanthropic activities:

Rachael Okonkwo, a well meaning personality have a way of helping the needy and giving back to the society. As a result, she organizes annual Children’s Easter Carnival, which she hosts. It has been running since 2015 when the first edition took place in Enugu State, Nigeria reaching out to so many.

At the carnival, she gives gifts to children and entertains people for free along with some other celebrities, stating that she also uses the opportunity to get to know some of her fans who turned up at the events.

In 2016, Rachael brought a fellow Nollywood actor, Ken Erics, to the second edition of her event held at Onitsha as the carnival gets bigger with each event surpassing the previous one. Hence, in 2017, the carnival was held in Nsukka (her hood), fielding celebrities like Slowdog, Ken Erics, Angela Okorie, Nonso Diobi, Eve Esin and Nani Boi.

In furtherance, many top brands have partnered with the actress in enhancing greater success in the annual carnivals. This triggered greater turn up of relatively over 5,000 people allegedly in attendance in the 2017 edition.

Rachael Okonkwo Awards:

– “Karis Media Awards” Best Comic Actress of the Year – Nominated in            2015

– “City People Entertainment Awards” –            Best Supporting Actress of the year (English) – Nominated in 2015

– “City People Entertainment Awards” –            Best Supporting Actress – Nominated in 2016

Rachael Okonkwo Net worth:

Rachael Okonkwo is one of the richest and most influential actresses in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $400,000 which amount to over 140 million naira.

Rachael Okonkwo in action:

Behold the talented actress doing what she knows best how to do in one Nollywood movie she featured in:


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