ZUCHU Biography – Age, Family, Early life, Record Label, Music, Net Worth, Nationality and more

ZUCHU Biography, Age, Early life, Record label, Networth

Zuchu is a talented singer, song writer, performer from Tanzania. Zuchu was born and brought up in Tanzania where she had her early life and career.
Currently she is one of the hottest female artist signed under Diamond record label called WCB Wasafi record label. She has been releasing great songs and just last week she released a new song titled Wana.


Zuchu is a musical artist/Singer/Songwriter/Performer signed under WCB Wasafi record label, Tanzania. She was officially revealed and signed on  9th April 2020 and welcomed by Diamond Platnumz & Sallam SK who is W. Read to the end if you want to know all about Zuchu biography. Generally, she is not a new name in the Bongo Flava scene and signing to Diamond Records is the biggest boost so far says SK(spoiltkid).

Zuchu Biography – Early Life

Zuchu started singing at a tender age with her mother acting as her instructor. She was a part of the church choir. Zuchu developed her career deeper having been grounded in church music she was able to carve a niche for herself with her outstanding vocal ability. This clears the confusions concerning her sudden rise to fame.

Zuchu Record deal

Zuchu is a signed artist, singer, composer, performer with WCB Wasafi record label in Tanzania. Zuchu came into limelight in 2015 at the Tecno Take on the Stage in Lagos where she challenged Nandy and the eventual winner Sapera.

Zuchu net worth

This part is conjectural but she worths more in million dollars on estimation.

Zuchu Nationality: Tanzania


The queen released her EP album christened ‘I am Zuchu’ on Sunday, the 19th of April, 2020. Zuchu becomes the first artist under WCB Wasafi to be disclosed with an EP release. The EP has a total of 7 songs in it, with 2 being bonus tracks. The songs on the EP are Wana, Mazauza, Ashua, Hakuna Kulala, Niamehe, Raha and Kwaru.
Zuchu’s EP was released in a set- apart event where the people who attended it were limited to WCB wasafi crew and family. Those who attended include the CEO of WCB Wasafi; Diamond Platnumz, Sallam SK, Mbosso, Lavalava, Khadija Kopa (Zuchu’s mother), Babu Tale, Don Fumbwe, Ricardo Mumo, Mkubwa Fella and Zuchu, the queen herself.
The launch went remarkably well, with Zuchu showing her prowess in live band performance, vocal variation and stage presence. Together with her mother, they went to the stage to perform their new song known as ‘Mazauza’. The songbird also displayed her songwriting ability, something that, according to Diamond, is a key quality for any artiste to be signed in WCB Wasafi.

Zuchu Music tracklist

  1. Qwaru
  2. Money
  3. No sleeping
  4. Forgive me
  5. You will sell
  6. Ashua

Zuchu Personal life

Zuchu like I said earlier came from a music family wherein her mother was a known musical artist. Zuchu mother Bi Khadija Omar Kopa was the one that paved the musical way for her as she is close to Diamond who signed Zuchu. Bi Khadija sometime in the past collaborated with Diamond Platnumz on a song dubbed ‘Nasema Nawe’.
Zuchu mother was present during Zuchu’s EP release on her EP known as ‘I am Zuchu’.
The first known collaboration Zuchu did was with her mother on their song ‘Mazauza’.
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