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Posted by Godswill Moseson June 9, 2020 in COMPANIES
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Zoomlifestyle has been successful all this while with many lucky winners and others who are still benefiting from 2million Draw every month.

It all started as a support where Peter Okoye Popularly known as started a lottery business to help alleviate poverty thus making zoomlifestyle lottery winners millionaire overnight through cash prize draw.

There are so man other lottery game out there but really hard to find out the real ones like zoomlifestyle.

Today we have got a new game called PayaMonk. PayaMonk is a lottery game that works similar way zoomlifestyle works but this is a game that has been in existence from the ages only that it came to utilize today’s technology to reach its interest market.

Nigerian Giant Company has revived an old system of lottery game(TRY YOUR LUCK) by number picking Mod and named it PayaMonk.

PayaMonk is a new game that you will really want to participate in as yo get to win immediately 100 tickets are sold.

It works the same way like zoomlifestyle but with with better opportunity as the number of players is known to be 100 participants in each game.

Zoomlifestyle has no definite number of players and it is hard to determine how much Mr P himself is making after collection of money from tickets he sales everyday but PayaMonk is very transparent in their business in that you get to know the exact number of players and how much you are taking home if you become a winner.

With no much talk go straight and download PayaMonk and start playing the game immediately. Visit PayaMonk official Facebook account to learn more and download the app.

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