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Posted by Godswill Moseson March 1, 2021 in Tech
Last modified on April 1st, 2021
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why i cant get amazon prime in canada

Wondering why you cant get Amazon prime in Canada? Here is a quick response that will answer the question. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription program from Amazon which is available in various countries and gives users access to additional services otherwise unavailable or available at a premium to regular Amazon customers.

The Reason some may get Amazon prime in Canada where others may not.

Amazon designs each website to work exclusively (with the occasional cross-border shipping option) with country it is made for – .com for the USA, .CA for Canada, .UK for the UK, etc. That means that free shipping options, rental deals with movie producers, and everything else, are intended and negotiated for that country only.

The next question will lead to another angle that may address more of the issues you may be encountering regarding getting amazon prime in Canada.

Why can’t I access as many features and movies with Prime in Canada as in the USA?

This is related. In the same way that Canadians and Americans have different Netflix selections, Amazon Prime Video has to negotiate each country separately. The same goes with many of the other services. In addition, Amazon is headquartered in the USA, so in addition to the fact that the Canadian market is much smaller, all features are first going to be released in the USA since that is Amazon’s home country.

Of course, if you are honestly having trouble finding the link to sign up for any version of Prime in Canada, I will make it easy for you. Check the link Check Out Other Post filed under below

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