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Nigerian soup are so sweet especially when cooked well. There are many types of Nigerian soup that you will eat and will never get satisfied until you harm your belly. Lolz. This is to show you that Nigerian Mama Put and others alike are doing a great job when it comes to preparing soup dishes.

Today, I had to come with top list of Nigerian soup that I have eaten and confirmed that Nigerian Chef are very good in the job of cooking. I have gone places in Lagos and mennnn I nearly got carried away fromachieving the purpose that took me there just because I nearly used all my money on buying Nigerian soup from different regions.

I can eat different types of Nigerian soup from today to next year without getting satisfied. This is amazing and I will like to point out that if you are not in Nigeria you need to come down and test Nigerian soup and know the difference from the ones in other places that look odds to my sense of perception.

My people will always say Anya ga eri tupu onu erie (Meaning the look of the soup matters before even eating the soup.) I have seen so many other soups but I can tell you from mere looking at the soup they look artificial. Nigerian soup are just the best and I am happy and very proud to come from the region that knows how to cook good food.

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Now lets dig below the types of Nigerian soup that you probably may have eaten from a bad chef but are very good when prepared by Mama Put and others. Below will tell the full tale of Nigerian soup and the best of it all from Daily4mative.com Nigerian informative resource for all the news and all you need to be updated the right way.

Types of Nigerian soup and their origin

1. Banga Soup:

Oh my God! you hear the name? That sounds thunderous and its same way that it thunders through our throat to the stomach. It’s a type of Nigerian soup that comes from Urhobo ethnic group. The soup is well adopted across the nation today and stands as one of the top Nigerian soup in the market and home. Igbos call their Ofe Akwu. Look through the video below I included a tutorial video by my lovely sister so that you can learn how to cook the soup.

2. Afang Soup:

Afang soup is another Nigerian Soup that I nearly lost my way out in Rivers state precisely UNIPORT. There is this man and his wife that cook this in Aluu. If yo want to check just ask about Oga Jerry. He cooks this soup to the best of the taste and I can never forget the experience when I was in that region. I was a regular customer eating Afang Soup sotey e come be like say I dey work there. Lolz.

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Afang is known among Akwa Ibom, Ibibio, and Ndoki and Rivers state. Many other parts are known for it but the ones I have seen and eating comes from Rivers although the Man I talked about is from Akwa Ibom. If yo need his number I will give it to you. Lolz.

Because we are here to inform and educate on daily4mative.com we have included below video. Look through it and learn how to prepare this nutritious Nigerian soup.

3. Groundnut Soup Or Peanut Soup

Groundnut soup is something I never knew existed until I visited Lagos state Nigeria. Although it originates frm Edo state I never wen to Edo to have a taste of the soup. Rather it was when I was in Lagos that I had to try the soup and it was amazing. Its a native soup of the Etsako people of Edo state which they normally refer to the soup “Omisagwe.”

The groundnut Soup tutorial I was able to lay my hand on is coming from a guy. Check it below and learn from the expert.

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4. Ogbono Soup or Draw Soup

Well to be honest here I dont like Ogbono soup just like every other guys out there. Most guys don’t just like ogbono soup unless its married men.

Ogbono soup is made from okra, ogbono or ewedu leaves (jute). Personally I don’t have much to say here because I am not a fan of this soup but one mans food is another mans poison they say. Below is a good tutorial on how it is prepared.

5. Egusi Soup:

This is the best of it all. Egusi Soup is the most universal of all Nigerian soups. Practically every Nigerian tribe has their own version of egusi soup. It comes from melon seed which is shelled and ground into a powder before use in the soup. Egusi soup is just very good at every time and any hour you want to eat and that is why we have enlisted it as the best of it all. You may not agree with me but I agree with the whole Nigerians who love this.

Check out the tutorial and learn how to prepare it. Do remember to share your comment and or suggestions on how we can improve our content delivery for you and every one of our readers. Thanks.

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