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inexperienced student jobs you can do

Wondering if there is any job that you can do to earn a few extra bucks as a student with no much job experience? Here is a full guide that will serve as an eye opener to what you can do while studying in Canada.

There are lots of inexperienced student job out there. The list is endless but we will cover the ones that will not deter your school programmes. This suits every inexperienced student in Canada regardless of your gender and the good thing about them is that you can choose the time that you will want to work which is probably your free time. Lets dive in and get this information on the best jobs for you with not work experience.

Below are our top jobs you can take up as a student in Canada

1. Dog Walker

People are willing to pay you money to walk their dog. The amount you can make is limitless as you can work more dogs at the same time. Some dog owner can pay between $ 15 to $ 20 an hour just for their dogs to exercise.

2. Child Caregiver

You can earn some cool cash helping some parents out to take care of their children homework or even be the one that can do school run for their children. Most times this type of job will demand that you stay close to the family which means they can even take care of your accommodation. This does not encroach your study time if you plan it well.

3. Farm assistant

This is one of the best job that requires little to know experience to do as you are going to deal with a real farmer who knows the work involved and seeks for your assistance. You can earn as much as $15 to $20 or more especial during harvest period.


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