Today’s top Gospel Songs and Gospel Musicians in Nigeria – Who are they?


A bit history of Gospel music can be traced to the early 17th century, with roots in the black oral tradition. Hymns and sacred songs were often repeated in a call and response fashion. Wiki insights that Most of the singing was done a cappella.

Research shows a historical use of the term “gospel song” first appeared in 1874 source from wiki. The composers speculated to be dominant at this time lists people like  George F. RootPhilip BlissCharles H. GabrielWilliam Howard Doane, and Fanny Crosby.

In Nigeria’s Gospel music scene we have significant voices that whets our appetite on this genre. Musicians who are gifted on this category are underrated and not well adorned. But their gifts on Gospel songs genre comes natural unlike regular Nigerian noisy party music where if you got a voice like frog and have got money in your pocket then you are diabolically welcomed to the front line in service of the devil. lolz. But we all enjoy some good ones when we are mad.

The good Nigerian gospel musicians are performing wonders and when I hear their songs it touches my soul and I regret not having developed my vocal ability to flow in this genre. Most top gospel songs and musicians in Nigeria in one way or the other impacts meaningful lessons to the listeners especially appearing quicker in creating atmospheric environment for worship whenever they are aired.

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I like to talk my mind and on below is what I have as the top list of the best Gospel musicians in Nigeria all for your Sunday digest. If you have suggestions to improve the list then share your comment and I will attend to it,maybe add upand extend the list to 10 to the Daily4mative playlist.

Here I give a list of the top 5 best Gospel songs musicians

This set of Gospel musicians have set standards in the marketplace and Music industry and they are amazing. We need to start giving ears to gospel music joor.

Nigerian gospel music: the most popular artists of the year 

#1 Frank Edwards: I don’t want to talk big grammar here but if you don’t agree with this then just see it from our perspective on Daily4mative Playlist. We are different and speak the best language of truth. Frank Edwards, a talented musician, songwriter, and producer is our number 1 and He comes from Enugu State my state. Such a blessed man. I will talk real story of Richboy on a more memorable and better an uncommon spreadsheet I tag Biographical notes.

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Watch Frank Edward top song

#2 Sammie Okposo: The CEO of Zamar Entertainment Label is a great talent I swear. Through the years of his career, he won the prestigious awards through his performance. Facts details he has written and produced songs for some of the biggest artistes in Nigerian music industry. This is just an overview of Sammie Okposo and I will try and list out his songs and attach to it his Sammie Okposo Biography for my readers from distant countries.
Watch Sammie Okposo top song

#3 Sinach: Born Osinachi Kalu but popularly know as Sinach is somebody that looks like non-Nigerian singer. Lolz. Babe is talented. She makes number 3 on daily4mative Top 5 Nigerian gospel artistes.  What trips me about Sinach is her meaningful lyrics. A Songwriter of the Decade award in 2016 was conferred to her proficient talents.
Watch Sinach Top Song

#4 SamSong: I was a fan of Samsong even when I never knew who sang the songs that won my heart. When I discovered this great act I was marveled at his vocal prowess. Reading through his background I learned dude left a banking job for this call. It just means you cant runaway from your destiny and money is never the way to go about it. This is your call man. Thanks for coming through with your desire to run off from banking job for your divine call.

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Download SamSong top song

#5 Njideka Okeke: I am talking real truth here and in a case like this I dont bring in personal life but the quality of their works and gift from God. Its obvious that devil will alwasys want to operate where Gods people are. A hint to rumours about Gozie and Njideka. I love their music and Nigerians too love them. They make Number 5 on out top list of Gospel musicians.
Download Njideka Okeke top song
I wasnt able to get real Youtube Channel for Nideka Okeke. Lots of pirates going on and its very bad.
The above is just the way I think in this musical genre and I believe it comes true even in the hearts of my listening and the list is justifiable.

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