A complete timeline of Davido and signee Father DMW


Davido Changed My Life As An Okada Rider Who Ran Errands For Him – Father DMW

Davido not only booked a flight for me but also paid my school fees Father DMW

Father DMW receives his first 1 million from Davido

Father DMW revealed in the interview that this was his first time ever traveling by air which was made possible by Davido.

For me Father dmw, what I do is what I call my hustle but this would not have happened if not for God and Davido.

I ran for my life and I arrived in Lagos to start a new life for myself and Davido changed me.

Davido is my godfather on earth while Zlatan is my godbrother on earth. I can’t begin to tell you what they have done for me. It is not something I can explain but I am going to remain grateful to them in all I do – Father DMW.

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