Secrets to Winning Competitive Fellowships

Secrets to Winning Competitive Fellowships

How to Win Competitive Fellowships: Fellowships aren’t easy to be chosen or selected after application and this is to the known fact that  fellowships receive many more qualified applicants than they have spots to fill. Its very obvious that for you to be chosen it has to be on a merit basis. At the extreme cases the selection committees peg their picking on very subtle differences among candidates.

This is a reason we have prepared this list to guide you on the things that you can do to win Competitive Fellowships. We will attempt to list out all the truth that concerns the selection procedure involved. Let go straight to the point and feed you with the necessary information that you may need to succeed and win Competitive Fellowships.

Top Secrets on how to win fellowships: Winning Competitive Fellowships

Get through below listed guidelines and you will be on your way to winning your first fellowship program.

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1.  Investigate the goals of the fellowship that you want to join

The first thing you need to know about winning your first competitive fellowship is to consider digging into the goals that your favorite fellowship is pursuing. This will put you at the better position as it will show them that your interest lies on the purpose or goals that they want to achieve.

Listing out what you want will be your first failing exercise. Every fellowship organizations want to socially impact lives. It is necessary and advisable to express in your fellowship application why those goals are also important to you and how you can help the organization achieve them. This is just the number one sailing point and when you give them what they want to hear you are more opportune than otherwise.

2. Get in contact with former fellows

Its always important and advisable that you know who has been there before you. This is your first step to winning your first fellowship. It is not only in fellowship but in every kind of examination. Having a grasp of past winners will always put you to an edge over others. Start today and look out for former fellowships. Search Facebook, LinkedIn and other places and get one or more past fellows and ask them questions upon questions.

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3.  Get a Proposal for a very narrow subject

There is this trust when you focus on a research subject that you are very good at. This will make a belief of your proficiency and will easily create a proof of your capability for the area you want to explore. Always look out for unusual things on your proposal. It will give you an edge and focus on things that will make the organization see reason to chosen you.

4. Be creative and inspiring

Being creative helps in every condition you find yourself be it as a graduate researcher. The selection committee hearts are won easily when you can communicate your proposals effortlessly. In order to scale through this it is very necessary that you engage or enroll in a creative writing class or program ahead of time. Be a motivator as you apply and let them feel your presentation. It is necessary for them to be inspired by your own creativity.

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The above will help you in getting through the processes involved in winning Competitive Fellowships. Make every effort and land into this thoughtful sponsorship programs that will change your life as you help change others through your contribution to expansion of knowledge via Fellowship programs. 

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