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Posted by Godswill Moseson June 23, 2020 in BANKS, COMPANIES
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Raffle Draw in Nigeria is the next Nigerian business that will boom. We are aware zoomlifestyle by Mr Peter Okoye is the talk of the day. Now lets talk about Rraffle draw in Nigeria having on mind that lottery is a game of luck.

We have seen lots of Raffle Draw in Nigeria

Raffle draw in Nigeria is not just a game but the hope of Nigerians to make money. People are making million of naira just by playing lottery game. We have different Raffle Draw in Nigeria which includes:-

  1. Zoomlifestyle by Peter Okoye
  2. PayaMonk by PayaMonk company
  3. Raffle9ja

The above popular Raffle Draw in Nigeria are doing their thing differently and each have these explained in their various websites.

How they work (Raffle Draw in Nigeria)

  • ZOOMLIFESTYLE: This is very simple game where you are to visit the website and register an account with monthly paing of 500 or daily tickets of 20 naira. Go through our post on how to play zoomlifestyle to learn how it works.
  • PAYAMONK: PayaMonk is a new game that works like zoomlifestyle but only target 100 players daily which means you can determine if you won or not within 24hrs. I have talked about this game before and you can visit their official website payamonk.com to confirm.
  • RAFFLE 9JA: Nigeria Raffle Lotto Prize House raffle9ja works very similar to the above mentioned raffle ticket draw. All you have to do is buy a raffle ticket, answer a question correctly and wait to see if your ticket has been picked from the random draw. If you were close to winning and your ticket number was close to the winning one then you will get your money back.
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Try any of the above. They are the one daily4mative have considered trusted games in Nigeria. In any case you have question regarding this do let me know through the comment section so that I can attend to it immediately. Check Out Other Post filed under below

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