[Watch Trailer] Only Murders in the Building

Eric July 29, 2021

Only Murders in the Building Trailer is out.

[Watch Trailer] Only Murders in the Building . The official trailer for the new series Only Murders in the Building dropped today. The trailer for Only murders in the building features Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin on the case.

From our perspective we know that the cast is enough to keep you excited. But, this new Hulu original is bound to make waves. Hence, we thought that this the perfect time to talk about it. We will be given a full plot and story line. Check the new series only murders in the building plot.

Only Murders in the Building: The Plot

All of these three people are individuals who have a very keen interest in the world of True Crime. Hence, it is exciting to see all of them getting embroiled in one. It happens when a murder happens in their building on the Upper West Side. But, it is not revealed that this is a murder. Only the characters of the show think that this is a murder and employ tactics to uncover the truth.

They end up recording a podcast. It also takes us through the history of the building itself. The show sounds like a blast. Hence, people are excited about it. The show will air on August 31st.

[Watch Trailer] Only Murders in the Building