A Trip To Dubai Season 1

Eric April 26, 2021

A trip to Dubai is a new Nollywood movie that was released in 2020. A trip to Dubai movie is impressive and NollyWood is showing up some cool adjustment starting from scripting to the final editing. Check the movie A trip to Dubai. You will enjoy it.

A Trip To Dubai Season 1 Synopsis

All that glitters indeed are not gold and not all platter of Gold offer is meant to be grabbed cos it’s source could be deadly, Being greatly despised by her husband, ifeoma( Mary Igwe) in other to defend herself stabbed him to death, Annabelle( Queeneth Hilbert) her best friend was a pillar of strength to her, facing several humiliation and intimidations from ber brother in-law, she quest for wealth, Annabelle fought to stop her from developing interest in Dubai trips but carelessnes beclouded her, Jane Introduced her to an association that took away joy from her life