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Emmanuel Dapidran professionally known as “Manny” Pacquiao is a Filipino professional boxer and politician currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines since 2016. Pacquiao is regarded by many boxing historians as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time.

Manny is such a liveing legend from Philippines and there is are several things we covered on his biography which isn’t included on this post.

One remarkable thing about Manny Pacquiao is that he hardly looses a fight and today we would want to list out Manny Pacquiao Fight for our fans who wants to watch them.

This Manny Pacquiao fight are randomly gathered from YouTube videos wherein we try to capture most of the hottest fight he won.

Watch the whole videos of Manny Pacquiao fight below:

1. Opponents BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao really caused a damage to the face of this opponent that we considered making this the first in our list as it tends to be the hottest fight from the list of Manny Pacquiao fights.

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2. When Manny Pacquiao Defied His Boxing Opponent! – YouTube

The legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao has been in some fights we saw Manny Pacquiao defy his boxing opponents and transcend the thoughts and opinions of the world.

3. FULL FIGHT | Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton 

To think this was over a decade ago. No one would imagine 11 years later that Pacquiao would be holding a legitimate title as a welterweight champion in his 40’s. Respect to this incredible fight.

4. Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya 

This fight is crazy. Look back at one of the great boxing upsets of all time when #MannyPacquiao beat #OscarDeLaHoya in this #freefight

5. Pacquiao vs Broner FULL FIGHT: January 19, 2019 

This comes harder and the last in our list. Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter and we are proud to be his fan on We will keep you updated on new news about Manny Pacquiao fights.

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