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how to hide number on mtn

How To Hide Number On , Glo, Airtel And 9mobile Network When Calling

Hiding your mobile number (caller identity) when calling is simple and you can do that with the same code in all Network. You can hide your number on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile Network When Calling using a simple 2 digit code #31#. Read on to understand how you can hide number on all the network mentioned above.

When do you hide number or callers identity

Most cases of hiding callers identity happens when the caller doesn’t want the person being called to have their number. It is useful in the sense that your number is hidden and the person will not have your number stored to their mobile phone. Hiding your number callers identity is simple and you can hide your number on MTN or other networks like Glo, Airtel and 9mobile with simple code as seen below.

To Hide Your Number On Glo

To Hide Your Number On Glo, use the code #31# before the number you want to call, example dial #31#08011122233 replace 08011122233 with the number yo want to hide.

To Hide Your Number On MTN, Airtel and others

To hide your number on MTN, Airtel or other networks you have to use the same code mentioned above to achieve same result. Just by preceding the number you want to call with #31# and the MTN number will be hidden from the receiver. Which means the person you are calling with your MTN number will not be able to see your mobile number because you hid it.

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To hide your caller’s Identity without using the code #31# before you mobile number

You can use the second method presented below to hide your number when calling people.

First you need to change your phone setting to hide your number. Remember to follow the method I will show you below to unhide your number whenever you want people to see your callers identity.

Follow below procedure to hide the number without dialing #31# before your mobile number. 

Open your phone setting
Find the call settings on your phone
Check for show/hide caller identity or hide your number.

How to unhide your mobile number

You can simply unhide your phone number on any Network by removing the code #31# before the receiver’s number.

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