How to Get a Job in Denmark as a Foreigner

How to Get a Job in Denmark as a Foreigner

Denmark is a country comprising the Jutland Peninsula and numerous islands located in Scandinavian. It’s linked to nearby Sweden via the Öresund bridge. Want to get a job in Denmark as a foreigner? This guide will show you how you can easily do that with no hitches.

The Danish labour market

In the Danish labour market there are numbers of various players that handle the regulation rather than by government legislation. This makes it so flexible and with a model popularly known as the Danish Model, the respective organisations of employees and employers reach voluntary agreements on pay and working conditions.

What you need to Get a Job in Denmark as a Foreigner

To get a job in Denmark you will need to meet some certain requirement. This may include a visa or work permit depending on where your home country is. For EU citizens this may be waived. If you don’t fall into this category then it means that you will need a visa and work permit for you to be able to get a job in Denmark.

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NB: For EU citizen who plans to stay longer than three months will need a CPR number, a health card, etc.

To easily get a job in Denmark you will first need a job contract. We talked about the best way to approach this through the shortage occupation list called positive list. 

Browsing through the Positive List is very vital for intending travelers who wants to get a job in Denmark as a foreigner.

To stay and working in Denmark you will need to learn Danish language. This will help you feel more opportuned to a job market in Denmark.

How to Apply for a Job in Denmark

Applying for a job in Denmark as a Foreigner follows the same pattern like other countries around the world. For instance, you will need a very good CV and Cover letter. This will show all your fits for a particular job you are applying for.

CV format peculiar to Denmark Job market.

You should try to capture the most relevant information about your professional experience, your education and skills in relation to the specific job you apply for. This should be the most important information that will need to appear on your CV.

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A good personal profile counts

A CV is expected to contain a personal profile: a short summary of your professional, personal and social competences (5-6 sentences). Danish employers pay close attention to this. This video helps you compose a personal profile that will give your job application extra impact.

Structure and simplicity matters

Try as much as possible to lay your information on your CV in a simple well structured format. Follow below two examples and structure your CV if you are serious about getting a job in Denmark as a foreigner.

  • A chronological CV: The structure of the chronological CV is based on years and dates. It lists all your professional and education activities in a chronological order. This gives the employer a quick impression of your career. In this type of CV you should list recent activities first, as these will be most interesting to the employer.
  • A skill-based CV: This type of CV focuses more on your skills than your professional experience. The skill-based CV is ideal if you have recently graduated and do not have a lot of work experience. Remember to include all the competences that are relevant for the job – also those that you have gained through your studies, volunteer work or your work with organisations.
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It is always a good idea to have someone read through your CV before you send it to an employer. This will help you correct errors and provide you with feedback.

 Your age and gender

It is not always easy for Danish employers to find out your gender and age out of your name or other information in CV.


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