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Posted by Godswill Moseson June 22, 2020 in COMPANIES
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How to cancel zoomlifestyle subscription in case you don’t want to play the game again. Zoomlifestyle is a popular lottery game we all know and may have not had success participating in the game.

How zoomlifestye works and why you may have not won

If zoomlifestyle has not worked for you be patience as it is by luck. One day it may be your luck. There are many people who have come through the posts I have made on how to win zoomlifestyle and they have won. But as I write this I am still playing the game and hoping one day it might work for me too and I will become a winner of million naira prize.

In any case you cannot be patient enough and want to know how to cancel zoomlifestyle read on as I will show you the steps you will take to cancel zoom lifestyle.

Before you cance Zoomlifestyle check the alternative PayaMonk

PayaMonk is the best alternative of zoomlifestyle but you don’t win million. PayaMonk has a ticket numbered from 1 to 100 and once this tickets are bought the winner will be announced. As you want to know How to cancel zoomlifestyle consider trying it out and see if PayaMonk will work for you. Visis and download their app. I am trying it too. now lets share how you can cancel Zoomlifestyle lottery by Mr Peter Okoye.

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How to cancel zoomlifestyle

To cancel zoomlifestyle follow below steps

  1. Dial *447# and wait for the response
  2. You will be greeted with options. Choose active services
  3. You will be greeted with select an option to cancel services
  4. Select ZOOM SPORTS or any particular category you want to cancel and press OK

The above is just the steps you can take to cancel zoomlifestyle lottery game. Hope it helps you do remember to check the other game I mentioned above which is PayaMonk. Download it on and thank me later.

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