How to buy a used Car – insightful guide

How to buy a used Car – insightful guide

Cars are expensive but you can buy a used car cheaper than you may have thought. How to buy a used Car have popped up many times and one will still ask, Why do you think of buying a used car instead of Brand new car? Well both serve the same purpose and how you can save money when buying a car is to purchase a used model instead of a new vehicle. If you’re looking to buy a used car, this post is curated for you.

Cars change hand every year either from people needing an upgrade of their car or people selling their used car to travel outside the country. On this post we want you to read this before you buy a used car. The post will guide you on How to buy a used Car, how to make the best choice and who to buy from when you want to purchase a used car. Before you jump in for a used car consider this handpicked steps for you.

Complete Guide: How to Buy a Used Car

1. Fix a Budget

It is true that used car costs less than new car and its highly affordable. The rule of thumb in every kind of car purchase is to set a budget. This will guide you on the type of car or the grade at which the fixed budget can get. At most cases setting up a budget will also put you at better side of determining the amount to pay for the car as well as the one that will be used for any kind of repair that may come up.

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2. Determine the type and brand of car you want

Just like you know it, for you to buy a used car you have to consider the brand or type of car you want too. However, its not every car model or brand that is worth buying as a second hand. Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry make for good used cars but the prices may push you to other brands but before then think about what you want to use the car for. If it worths it go ahead and make your payment .

3. Look through used car sections and check the prices

When you get to car dealers shop there are ways they sample their cars in Sections. You will see Used Car section and on them are their prices. Go through the prices on the cars and know the one that fits your budget. Every dealer has their own prices depending on how the person got the product they are selling. For this it may be cool to check through the same brand on other dealership.

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4. Demand for Vehicle history report

This is a very important step. You should make the effort to know the full history and timeline of the used car you want to buy. Use autocheck to know the vehicle history even if you are buying from somebody you know. It is worth the check to know the history of the car you want to buy off from a user or dealer.

5. Do your inspection

The inspection of the car is very necessary. Check ins and out of the car you want to buy. This happens same time you are making your enquiry on the vehicle history report.

6. Start The Negotiation

The negotiation is the 6th stage in our guide on How to buy a used Car. The process is very simple if you mapped a budget for your car like we advised on the first step. Used cars don’t have to cost the world but you have to talk with the seller and know how much he puts the car he is selling and also determine if it matches your set budget. If its higher or lesser go ahead and make your purchase.

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7. Conclude with the paper work of the used car

You have come to the final stage on How to buy a used Car which is to conclude with the paper work. Some cars come with warranty. Ask if yours has one. Do every necessary paperwork and go home with your brand new used car.



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