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Posted by Godswill Moseson September 22, 2020 in Tech
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To become a policeman in the united states as a non-citizen isn’t impossible. When you follow below guides from experts knowledge share on daily4mative you will learn all you need to become a police officer in the United Stated as a non-citizen.

According to DrJanie PendletonPastor, in the Holy Christian Church, you can file as an interpreter of your native language… show you are well-educated in English language. Get in USA and attend college for Police Sciences; gain your Master’s Degree in Police Sciences and get that that backs your intentions here in the USA. File during this time for Green Card. It’s about $1.500 usd a year to maintain the Green Card and it’s approximately $3,000 usd for attorney fees for assistance on gaining your green card. It’s nearly impossible to do this without an attorney that specializes in US citizenships.

My advice comes from the fact that I have my Master’s in Police Sciences (My Doctorate is in Divinity) and I have a SIL who is from India and he just went through this entire process and just paid his yearly fees to keep his Green Card while in school studying for his Phd in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue.

It took him 2 years to make it all happen while he was here in USA attending college. He was accepted into 3 top colleges before he got here. That is the best route. Find a college in the USA that has your field of interest. Apply and they will help you get your card to enter country so you can go from there gaining a Green Card.

As a last note: My SIL also had us (an American family) helping him on his journey… both financially and physically; do you have family here that can help you pay for your tuition and bills?

You must have a ‘sponsor’ here in America willing to sign to pay for your entire bills while in the USA in the event you can not pay your bills. My daughter was the sponsor of her sister’s husband.

In the words of Les SmulevitzMA Police and Law Enforcement, Calumet College of St. Joseph (2005) he made below guide on how to become a policeman in America as a non-citizen. Go through it and learn from the expert. 

  1. You become a legal Permanent Resident (green card holder)
  2. You meet the basic requirements for the few department that allow a permanent resident to become the police. In the US the control of such things is up to each state.

BUT, even if the state allows the individual departments within those states may not. For example by law Washington State and West Virginia would allow but no department within those states allows.

So from the list below of states that allow you have to check specific departments recruitment web sites within those states.











The big 3, NYPD, Chicago PD and LAPD all allow.

3. You apply and do spectacular, as all who want to be hired have to, on all of the testing. Those that do best on the written testing tend NOT to have any so called police science or criminal justice college courses. For some reason those who major in English Lit and who have taken a number of philosophy or comparative religion courses do well. What is important on the written testing, and for being a successful future cop, is having great critical thinking and logic skills. You get the real and current police science, law and criminal justice classes in the police academy. This is true for the major departments that run their own, adn much longer and detailed, academies than the basic required from the state.

4. In most cases you have to become naturalized as US citizen wither before entry to the academy or before graduation or in a few cases before probationary period is up. The testing and background checks etc often take a year or more before making an eligibility list and then you wait until they decide to actually hire adn start teh academy. People who test for my old department often wait for 1 to 5 years from first testing to hire. About 96% of those who apply do not make it to the academy. Check Out Other Post filed under below

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