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Health Benefits of Bitter Kola you should know. It can cure cancer and other sicknesses

The bitter kola is a type of kola found in parts of Nigeria. Its biological name is “Garcinia kola” and it belongs to the family of “Guittiferal”. Among the Yorubas, it is called ‘Orogbo’, the Igbos call it ‘Agbilu’, ‘Adi’ or ‘Aki ilu’ while among the Hausas, this very popular nut is known as ‘Namijin Gworo.’

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola: The extracts of the seed, commonly known as “bitter kola” (Figure 28.6), have been used in African herbal medicine for the treatment of illnesses such as laryngitis, liver diseases, cough, hoarseness of voice, and diabetes and its associated complications (Adedara et al., 2014; Akinmoladun et al., 2015).

It is a wonderful agricultural product with a wide range of applications in natural and orthodox medicine gathers that bitter kola is a potent antibiotic, which could be effective in the treatment of many ailments and infections.“Bitter kola has lots of health benefits, like the treatment of cough, sneezing, cold, diarrhoeas, tuberculosis, bacterial infection and fever.

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and believe it can cure lungs infection and other benefits

“It improves lungs function by expanding the alveolar ducts and sac in the lungs thereby improving and strengthening the fibres in the lung tissue.”

Bitter Kola has so many other benefits. If you have bitter kola in your pocket, no snake will come near you no matter the kind of forest you enter. If it is in your pocket or you are chewing it. It drives away snakes, scorpions. It makes one go hungry. If you have difficulty eating, chew a bitter kola, you will start feeling hungry. Of course, you know that no one can be poisoned through bitter kola. It is endless.

Bitter kola has no effects on the body unlike other antiboitics like penecilin, amoxicilin, ciprofloroxacin, erythamicin and so ,any of them. Bitter kola could have been a very expensive antibiotics if it wasnt natural.

A lot has been said about Garcinia Bitter Kola but also much more is yet to be revealed about this wonderful gift to nature. This tropical plant has the ability repel snake within a distance of about 300 meters radius and when in contact has ability to a demobilize or out rightly kill a snake. Here it is found that one of the must powerful anti snake poison is found. It is also has the ability to correct the liver the heart ant the organs.

The seed of bitter kola is used to naturalized all kinds of poisons and when grounded in into powder and sprayed in environment all snakes will avoid the area for live much discoveries are being made concerning Bitter kola.

This tropical plant is known to many people as vegetables for cooking soup and other delicacies. But to every herbalist this plant is considered as one of the most powerful Natural remedy for some sicknesses termed incurable, for instance the extract from this herbs has the ability to rescind a degenerating pancreas and lower the sugar level within a few weeks of intake. This extract is also excellent for ulcer, malaria and many other elements.

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola: Bitter Kola good for HIV/AIDS, Breast cancer – Researcher

Garcina Cola, popularly called bitter kola has been identified as a potent antibiotic which could be efficacious in the treatment of HIV and AIDS and breast cancer amongst other ailments.

Bitter kola is found in the tropical rain region and given different names in Nigeria.

It is known as Orogbo in Yorubland, Namijin-goro among Hausa, Akuilu in Igboland. It contains dimeric flavonoid, lipase inhibitor which is believed to have many healing benefits.
Disclosing this to, a researcher with the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA), Mrs. Chinyere Nwokeke their studies have shown that bitter kola could be used in treating opportunistic infections associated with HIV.

Bitter kola “is highly recommended in the treatment of HIV and AIDS because of its anti-bacterial, detoxification and cleansing properties,” she said.

She revealed further that the chemical Saponin in bitter kola is responsible for its cleansing effect. Saponin is mainly used as tonic for the liver, it enhances the functions of the liver and gall bladder.”
It is also very effective in the treatment of cough, diarrhoea, tuberculosis and other bacterial infections. “When food is suspected to be contaminated by bacteria, chew bitter kola immediately after, it will forestall the development of any infection or poisoning,” she added.

Nwokeke said that in the past, the kola was eaten mostly by the elderly because of their belief that it could prolong life. “Actually researches in modern science have revealed that bitter kola contains chemical compounds that will help the breakdown of glycogen in the liver and has other medicinal uses which account for its longevity property in man.
According to her, “Bitter kola is anti-poison too, it has the ability to repel evil men and spirits, it could sound superstitious but it works”, she said.

The naturalist said that the seed and the bark of bitter kola should be eaten together in cases where food poisoning is suspected, “it helps to detoxify the system.”
“It can also be used to repel snakes for those who live in areas that are prone to snakes,” she said. She also said that bitter kola could be used in the treatment of breast cancer as it has anti-cancerous effect.
For children, when ground and mixed with honey, bitter kola could be used in the treatment of measles and mumps, it should be taken orally and also applied externally in the case of mumps,” she said.

Nwokeke also revealed the efficacy of the bitter kola in vomiting for both children and adults. “It can be used to clear coarse voice, it clears the voice by stimulating the production of mucus along the lining of the vocal tube which softens the dry throat,” she added.
She also revealed that the body craves for bitter foods from time to time. “Nature advocates a balance in everything, when sweet foods are eaten in excess, the body tends to be more acidic, in order to balance this, bitter foods should be eaten occasionally.”“The body is at its optimum health when it is slightly alkaline.

Other known Health Benefits of Bitter Kola according to other sources are:

Cold Remedy: Garcinia kola is often used to treat the symptoms of colds. It is particularly very effective for coughs, nasal congestions and help coagulate phlegm. It is also effective in alleviating sore throat.

Impotence: Garcinia kola, is sometimes believed to cure impotence. It increases blood flow to the genital area in men who have hardening of the arteries.

Knee Osteoarthritis: Garcinia kola has been successfully used to treat patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis. It reduced pain and swelling and improved movement.

Weight Loss: Bitter Kola has been known to be a natural hunger suppressant and also increases the urge to drink more water.

Improves lung functions: A study in the 2008 issue of The Internet Journal of Pulmonary Medicine, performed on mice, reports that garcinia kola improved respiratory function after 28 days of use of a garcinia extract.

Written by David A. Ofusori, MSc, from Igbinedion University in Nigeria, the study shows that garcinia kola works by dilating the alveolar ducts and sacs in the lungs by improving the strength of the fibers in the lung tissue. Garcinia kola’s beneficial lung properties are attributed to its high antioxidant content.

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