Fix Carrington Mobile Theme: Featured Image Not Showing in WordPress Dashboard


Encountered the Carrington Mobile theme’s featured image issue in WordPress? Learn how to fix it with this quick guide. Ensure your site’s optimal functionality.

Before you continue read below Important Tips:

  • Backup Your Site: Prior to implementing changes, create a complete backup of your website.
  • Consider Child Themes: Using a child theme safeguards modifications during updates of the parent theme.
  • Stay Updated: Ensure the usage of the latest WordPress version, themes, and plugins for compatibility.

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The Carrington Mobile theme is renowned for its exceptional mobile site speed and SEO performance. However, many users face challenges due to outdated PHP versions causing glitches in the theme. One common problem is the absence of the featured image in the WordPress admin dashboard. Below is a comprehensive guide on resolving this issue effortlessly.

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Step-by-Step Fix for Carrington Mobile Featured Image Issue:

  1. Accessing Files:

    Log in to your cPanel or use FTP to access your website’s files.

  2. Locate functions.php:

    Navigate to the Carrington Mobile theme directory and find the functions.php file.

  3. Edit functions.php:

    Add the code snippet provided below just before the closing PHP tag ?> at the end of the functions.php file:

    // This theme uses post thumbnails

  4. Save Changes and Test:

    Save the edited functions.php file and check your WordPress dashboard to verify if the featured image issue is resolved.

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Conclusion: Rectifying the Carrington Mobile theme’s featured image issue is imperative for seamless site functionality. Follow these instructions to resolve the issue and ensure accurate display of featured images in your WordPress dashboard.

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