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DJ AB interview exclusive: music career inspiration, Age, family, state and more

We have come with an interview of today’s spotlight artist on daily4matve featuring DJ AB. Its impressive that we were able to get a hold on this full information interviewing DJ AB. Read on we are here for you to learn and be updated daily on important news and stories.

DJ AB interview and biography

D4: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background?

D.J Abba: My Name is Haruna Abdullahi popularly known as Dj Abba, I’m 22years old. I’m my mum’s first born and my Daddy’s fourth born. I have 10 brothers and 7 sisters, And Im currently studying quantity survey in Ahmadu Bello University(ABU) Zaria.

D4: When did you start writing music?

D.J Abba: I started writing songs when i was around 13-14 years old. And I’ve always wrote my songs all by myself since from day one.

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D4: What and who inspires you to write music?

D.J Abba: Well, quite a lot of things inspire me to write music, like the company of people around me, the environment i’m in, and you may find this weird but sometimes i get inspired while eating suya. (laughs)

Actually right from when my songs started making waves around the northern region of the country, Kaduna State to begin with. I remember the day I received a call from a fan of mine all the way from Sokoto. And he emphasized that all he wants is more of Dj Abba’s songs. He told me how the people of Sokoto appreciate my song ‘Her Love’. That was the first call i received from a fan. And ever since, i kept on receiving calls from different sides of the country from fans of my music.

D4: How would you describe the entertainment industry in Kaduna? How important is it in terms of your music?

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D.J Abba: To be honest, entertainment is not easy up here in the north.. First you have to make good music, also you have to make sure you are rolling with the right people. Kaduna among other northern cities should be the first place your music blow, before considering taking it down to Lagos or anywhere else the market is. And we are trying and hoping Kaduna remains the center of Entertainment in the north.

D4: What is/are your favorite music genres?

D.J Abba: My Favorite music Genre is of course hiphop.. I like dancehall and reggae as well.

D4: Has it always been your dream to make music?

D.J Abba: Yes! I love music. It has always been my dream to make music, not just any kind of music, good music that would be appreciated by my fellow Northerners. And im proud to be a musician, because i believe music is a very powerful tool.

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D4: How did it feel performing alongside music legends like 2face, M.I and Patoranking at the last Kaduna Music Festival (KADAMFEST)

D.J Abba: *Laughs* KADAMFEST i’d say is so far the biggest Music event Kaduna people had ever experienced. The variety of Music veterans from all over the country. Performing on the same platform as the legendary 2Face Idibia, 9ice, Morell, Yemi Alade, Olu Maintain, Pherowshuz among many others was such an honor. Thanks to the Kaduna State government for bringing Kaduna Music Festival. And we are looking forward to the next.

D4: That will be all. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

D.J Abba: The Pleasure is mine.

The above covers the full DJ AB interview. You can read DJ AB biography for more information.

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