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If you are moving to Canada for studies here is an insight on mobile carriers in Canada you should check out.

NB: The type of mobile phone an international student should buy in Canada does not matter. This is because the same brands sold in your country are most likely some in Canada. If the phone you have now is unlocked or can be unlocked, you can bring it with you and get a Canadian SIM card put into it.

What best mobile Carrier to select from

The main carriers in Canada are expensive and even the discount ones are not as cheap as in many other countries. Myself I use a discount carrier called Fido, a art of Rogers. Their rate of $55 a month is OK but only gives 1GB a month of data. And to get that rate I supply the phone. Whenever my daughter gets a new phone I get her old one, usually an iPhone. Without Canadian credit you will have to pay for the phone separately anyway.

NB: A zero dollar plan for a phone is only available to citizens and permanent residents.

These are the 3 best sim cards for Canada travel I could find online.

  • True Move Smart Traveler = $39.90. 6 GB data all over Canada Valid for 15 days.
  • ATnT Unlimited Talk Text and 22 GB Data. Price: $35.95 for 22 GB data in Canada, USA and Mexico Unlimited Calling/Texting Valid for 15 days
  • T-Mobile Happy Data S = $69.90. 5 GB data all over Canada + Mexico for Unlimited calls and sms to Canada, USA, Europe, Brazil and many more Valid for 15 days
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