Archbishop Tomash Peta rebukes Pope Francis on same-sex blessings warns catholic priest not to bless gay couple


In a move challenging the recent decision by Pope Francis, Archbishop Tomasz Bernard Peta and Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan have declared a firm stance against blessing same-sex couples within their archdiocese.

This marks the first such dissent among Catholic clergy following the new policy announcement.

Citing a specific biblical passage, the two bishops expressed their disagreement with the pontiff’s declaration titled “Fiducia supplicans,” which authorized blessings for same-sex couples under certain conditions. They argue that this action diverges from the “truth of the Gospel.”

In response, Archbishop Peta and Bishop Schneider issued a directive within the St. Mary in Astana archdiocese, explicitly prohibiting “any form of blessing” for both irregular couples and same-sex couples.

They clarified that blessings remain available for individuals who repentantly seek to end their “sinful situation,” without explicitly mentioning specific examples.

The Catholic Herald, an independent London-based magazine, first reported and translated their statement.

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